2018 Grants

May 17, 2018 | 0 comments

Once again, it is time for the Foundation’s annual grant application process and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some updates from the past year. The Foundation has continued to support nonprofits in the greater Clemson area, not only through providing grants to high-impact local programs, but also through increased promotion of local philanthropy and direct fundraising for local causes.

According to CCF board chair Bo Crader, “2017 was a watershed year for us, as we raised over $110,000 for the local community, including two very generous gifts of over $25,000 each. We put this money to work by distributing over $30,000 to local nonprofits, investing a similar amount in a fund earmarked for charitable causes, and funding our next round of grants coming up this Spring.”

“In 2017 we received over $100,000 in funding requests. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fund all these worthy programs,” Crader continued.  “This year we are increasing the amount of our grants. We believe the growing generosity of our community will allow us to continue to increase the financial support we provide to support the good work being done by nonprofit organizations in the greater Clemson area.”

Last year, as you may remember, we gave out grants to six local nonprofits to fund a wide variety of local programs aimed at caring for elderly and disabled residents, low-income working families, undernourished children, and veterans. We want to do more, and we hope that all of you in this amazing community will continue to work with us to do so.

If you know of a nonprofit organization serving the Clemson area, please let them know about the CCF grant opportunities and encourage them to fill out an application for funding. The application process is open now and information can be found at https://ClemsonCommunityFoundation.org/grant-information.

Sandy Smith, Executive Director of the Clemson Free Clinic has this message: “The Clemson Community Foundation’s grant last year allowed us to provide potentially life-saving medicines to our clients. I am grateful to the Foundation and its donors for their support and want to encourage their efforts to grow philanthropy in our area.”

If you want to make a real impact on the Clemson area, consider donating today to help us fund this year’s grants and #Care4Clemson!


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About CCF

The Clemson Community Foundation was launched in 2013 as a project of Leadership Clemson, and was inspired by a combination of the success of community foundations in other cities and the unmet funding needs in the Clemson area. As a community foundation, we work to provide philanthropy and establish long-term sources of funds for local needs, such as charitable nonprofit organizations in the Clemson area.

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