About Us

Who We Are

The Clemson Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is made up of local leaders dedicated to serving the Clemson area and improving the community.

Our Mission

“To increase the awareness of and support for nonprofit charitable organizations serving the Clemson community.”


“To become a long-term, stable source of financial support that meets the needs and improves the lives of members of the Clemson community.”


In support of this, our Foundation has set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Encourage and inspire greater levels of philanthropy within the community
  • Raise funds on behalf of the community from new and larger sources
  • Grant and donate funds to local charitable nonprofit organizations
  • Build permanent charitable capital serving the community for generations


How We Got Here

The Clemson Community Foundation was launched in 2013 as a project of Leadership Clemson, and was inspired by a combination of the success of community foundations in other cities and the unmet funding needs in the Clemson area. As a community foundation, we work to provide philanthropy and establish long-term sources of funds for local needs, such as charitable nonprofit organizations in the Clemson area. Less than three years after our launch, our project to start a Community Foundation dedicated to the needs of the Clemson area has exceeded expectations in every way. A few milestones include:


  1. Receiving our 501(c)3 certification, growing our all-volunteer Board of community leaders, and formalizing our organizational structure and policies
  2. Giving out over $10,000 in charitable contributions to local nonprofits
  3. Sponsoring the Leadership Clemson Class of 2016’s “Resting Their Little Heads” fundraising campaign, which raised $20,000 to purchase 40 new beds and mattresses for Helping Hands, a local children’s home
  4. Sponsoring local charity events, such as the Clemson Blues Fest, the Clemson Child Development Center’s 50th Anniversary Event, Family Promise’s Cardboard Box City event, Leadership Clemson’s 2015 “Feed Your Soul” event, and the Nonprofit Alliance’s Spring 2017 event among others
  5. Establishing a Grants and Awards Committee and formal competitive grant application process
  6. Formally launching our organization to the public with our inaugural donor appreciation event, streetlight banners, and press coverage in three local newspapers
  7. Being selected as the Charitable Partner for Clemson Student Government’s 2014 Spring Scene and The Color Run in 2015
  8. Raising over $200,000 of gifts and multi-year pledges from local community members as part of a three-year development campaign; these funds were raised in a way that did not impact funding for local nonprofits
  9. Building a Charitable Investment Fund quickly approaching $100,000, with all funds and future earnings earmarked for local nonprofit charitable organizations

In the future, the Clemson Community Foundation will continue to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our community.

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