Clemson Community Foundation Grants

If you are a Clemson-area nonprofit, you may be eligible for a grant from the Clemson Community Foundation.

Applications will open in May


Who is Eligible?

Any 501(c)(3) organization serving residents Clemson, Central, Six Mile, and Pendleton.  The base of your 501(c) 3 organization does not have to be physically located in the service area, but the proposal should be linked to activities that serve the residents in the CCF community. 

What is the grant application process?

The Clemson Community Foundation Board of Directors will determine the total amount of funds available for competitive grant awards in March.  The CCF limits request and funding of individual awards to a maximum of $5000. All applications should be submitted no later than, June 22.  A Grants and Awards Committee composed of CCF Board Members and Committee Representatives reviews each proposal and makes recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors.  The CCF Board of Directors makes the final funding decision at its September Board Meeting and funds are distributed in October to the recipients.  Follow-up impact reports are requested from grant recipients. 

Are there any limitations for the use of the grant funds?

The Grants Committee reviews proposals for their impact on the Clemson, Central, Six Mile, and Pendleton communities.  The grant application should clearly state it’s intended goals and describe specific actions that help the organization to meet the stated goals and objectives. The funds requested should be tied to the implementation of the project.  The Clemson Community Foundation awards are not intended for recurring expenses for the non-profit (i.e., salaries or operating expenses) except in unusual and limited situations.

How Do I Apply?

The online application will be available in May. If you would like to download an outline to go ahead and get started, click here. The applications must be submitted through the website by June 22

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