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Upstate Warrior Solution’s Clemson office connects Pickens, Anderson, and Oconee county veterans and their families to resources including housing, education, employment, healthcare and benefits, and family support.



Within our Warrior Outreach and Case Coordination program, there are five areas of assistance. We assist in Healthcare and Benefits Coordination, Education Support, Employment Support, Housing Support, Quality of Life Support (I.E., physical fitness and social events), and Family Support.

Our Warrior Outreach and Case Coordination teams serve as a liaison between the DOD, VA, and community healthcare resources, as well as provide options for healthcare and nonmedical treatment planning opinion resourcing. We partner with several medical institutions in the community.

Additionally, our teams support you, as the warrior, in educational planning and guidance. We serve as the liaison between institutions of higher learning and the Veterans Benefits Administration to partner with local, professional development organizations.

In addition to educational planning and guidance, we will help you build relationships with local employers, creating hiring channels. We partner with local organizations to connect you, as the warrior, to professional development opportunities and match you with employers by translating and aligning experience to the employer’s requirements.

To provide housing assistance, we provide financial and budget counseling services and connect to housing and homeless resources. Also, we serve as the liaison to the Veteran Benefits Administration.

We assist warriors in several areas to improve their quality of life. Ongoing events focus on bringing warriors together and getting off the couch and around other like-minded individuals. Examples include physical fitness, recreation, UWS outdoor adventures, and social events. Past participates have benefited from networking, fellowship, and improved overall health and well-being. Contact us for more information at 864-520-2073.

Because we recognize the veteran is not the only family member impacted by time spent in service, we assist warriors’ families through our Family Support Program. The program, which offers special events to allow spouses to connect with other veteran spouses and families, offers activities, which include Higher Ground Hikers, Crafts for Freedom, and Operation Support Our Warrior Spouses.

If you are a warrior in need of support or assistance, please call 864-520-2073 so you can receive assistance as soon as possible. We want to help you!

Upstate Warrior Solution’s Fellowship Academy is an intensive year-long program for post-9/11 combat veterans who have a disability rating of 30% or higher and are interested in receiving workforce training and educational and developmental opportunities. Each fellow is assigned a senior staff mentor who will provide guidance while monitoring progress, attendance, and participation closely. Participants are required to commit at least 25 hours per week and complete assigned responsibilities, such as reflection papers and assessments and tasks involving outreach, events, and speaking engagements. The goal of the academy is to strengthen confidence and develop skills which lead to program graduation and meaningful employment. While in the academy, fellows receive a monthly living stipend to offset any costs associated with their service to the community.

Fellows will learn valuable skills in monthly workshops. Topics include the following:

Personality/Career Assessment Effective Communication Translating Your Military Service to a Civilian Resume Interview Preparation Team Dynamics and Navigating the Workforce Professional Networking Financial Planning Civic Responsibilities and Probate Law

Providing impactful supportive services for veterans is what we do! Building collaborative relationships, developing innovative programs, and increasing our community’s capacity to serve is how we do it! Over the last four years, we’ve learned that many people in our community have great resources, great ideas, and are interested in supporting our efforts.

This “Together, we are stronger” mantra led to Upstate Warrior Solution becoming a “community quarterback,” one who is committed to and leading the coordinated effort. Initiatives already established are as follows:

Community Action Boards (CAB) in Greenville County (est.2016), Spartanburg County (est. 2016), and Pickens County (est. 2017). CAB’s are community specific and are comprised of residents, business owners, professionals, first-responders, and various social service agencies, all of whom have expressed an interest in supporting our collective mission.

Upstate Veterans Alliance Network (UVAN), known as the Community Veteran Engagement Board (CVEB), developed in 2016, has 50 participative organizations representing virtually every service line in the Upstate. Our President, Charlie Hall, has been an active participant and now chairs this Board.

Justice-Involved Veteran Outreach is a coordinated effort, in cooperation with the VA’s Veterans Justice Outreach Program, and is a proactive approach to an identified need within our community. During the initial stages we worked with the Greenville County Detention Center to define the scope of the problem through data collection. Today, we are in every detention center in the five upstate counties, we work with probation, pardon, and parole, local law enforcement, criminal courts, and Veteran Treatment Courts (VTC) in Greenville, Pickens, and Spartanburg counties. We are continuing to develop this proactive approach through early identification, resource referral, and case coordination.

The functional zero veteran homelessness project has led to working relationships with local and national organizations. We are locally active and participate in the Point-In-Time count each year. Hall serves on Secretary Wilkie’s VA led task force dedicated to ending veteran homelessness and is working with the National League of Cities and several Upstate Mayors to find solutions so we, as a community, can end veteran homelessness.


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The mission of Upstate Warrior Solution is to CONNECT warriors and their families to the resources they need, LEAD them through the process of self-empowerment, and INSPIRE the community to embrace Warriors and their families as valued neighbors and friends.