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As you may have noticed, the Clemson Community Foundation has re-branded! You may be wondering why we decided to do this, so here is the explanation. There’s a couple of different aspects to the process, including the original decision to redesign our website, then the creation of a new logo.

Our website has served us well over the past few years, but without continuous staff to maintain it, things became a little outdated, from software updates, to the content. As our organization grew, we knew that the website would need to change with it. We are always striving to do better for the Clemson community, and that includes with our website. We wanted to add a little more functionality to it, including a better donation system and a Clemson charity directory. You will notice that those are now parts of this site. We also wanted to make the design a little more cheerful. We are getting bigger and working to fit the Clemson community better, so we wanted the design to reflect the area. Most people can probably agree that Clemson is a very cheerful and friendly place and we felt like our original website reflected more of a young foundation, rather than the atmosphere of the community.

Once we decided to create a new site, we knew that we also needed to create a new logo. If we were going to make the website reflect the community more, we felt like we needed a new logo to go along with that design and feeling. A lot of thought went into the new logo. We tried a variety of ideas, trying to capture the essence of Clemson in it. When we thought about what some of the biggest parts of Clemson were, in addition to the University, we came up with the iconic Clemson sunsets and the lake. While our first drafts more directly incorporated those elements, we decided to make the connection more symbolic. That is why our new brand is orange and blue. The sun and lake are both represented by circles in the logo. They have a dual meaning though. We arranged the circles to show the link between individuals, the Foundation, and the community. When an individual donates to the Foundation, that donation is pooled with others to become larger and then given to a charity that is able to make an even bigger impact in the community. It’s a ripple effect that can have big benefits for the Clemson community.

We are still the same great organization, but we plan to use this re-branding to continue growing the Foundation and doing more to help the Clemson community. We hope you will continue supporting us in all that we are working to accomplish and help us spread the word about the Clemson community and this Foundation.


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The Clemson Community Foundation was launched in 2013 as a project of Leadership Clemson, and was inspired by a combination of the success of community foundations in other cities and the unmet funding needs in the Clemson area. As a community foundation, we work to provide philanthropy and establish long-term sources of funds for local needs, such as charitable nonprofit organizations in the Clemson area.

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